What are the advantages for you as an employer using our service?
  • Cost reduction in relation to recruitment  and selection
  • Access to a group of job seekers who have identified their work skills and abilities, and identified suitable work through a systematic process
  • Ability to include new employee’s with disabilities with the guidance of appropriate professionals
  • Access to grants and supports whereby a third party with relevant experience will look after the paperwork and the research
  • You have concrete evidence to support your organisational commitment to the employment of people with disabilities, and show that your practices are a clear implementation of your policies
  • You have the support of a training resource to provide on the job training
  • An enhanced work culture, whereby employers find that a disabled person will often change the way people feel about work.  Work can become a more positive place for all  when staff see the obstacles a co-worker will overcome to be at work
  • A better understanding of their customer or client base which is comprised of  a diversity of people
  • An increase in business where a lot of people will support organisations who support people with disabilities