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Employment Grants and Supports

There are a number of grants and supports available to support you in the workplace.  With our colleagues in DSP we can access these grants on your behalf or on the behalf of your employer.  The following is a list of the most frequently used

Reasonable Accommodation Fund for the Employment of People with Disabilities,incorporating:

Workplace Equipment/Adaptation Grant(WEAG)

Provides Funding for a person with a disability who is starting or already in employment to make their workplace more accesible or equipment easier to use

Job Interview Interpreter Grant (JIIG)

Grant for an interpreter to accompany a person with a speech or hearing impairment to a job interview

Personal Reader Grant(PRG)

Provides funding to employ a personal reader to assist someone who is blind or visually impaired in their work

Employee Retention Grant Scheme(ERGS)

Aims to help employers retain employees who become disabled through sickness or injury

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Wage Subsidy Scheme

This is another support service for employers which provides financial assistance to employers in the form of a wage subsidy.  Information on the DSP Wage Subsidy Scheme can be accessed through the link below.  The application form can be viewed by clicking on the link below.  Our staff would be happy to bring you through the application process and can give further information and advice.  We can access the grant through our colleagues in the main DSP office

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Disability Awareness Training for Employers

Grants are available to employers to assist with the cost of disability awareness training.  This is restricted to private sector and the information on this can be accessed through the link below.  We would be happy to assist in sourcing this for any employer who is recruiting a new employee through our service

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Back to Work Enterprise Allowance

People on certain disability payments may qualify for the Department of Social & Family affairs Back To Work Enterprise Allowance

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EmployAbility Services are funded by the Irish Government through the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection
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