What is EmployAbility?
EmployAbility service is an employment and recruitment service to assist people with a disability to secure and maintain a job in the open labour market.
How does it work?
The Employment Facilitator works with the person to find out more about their skills, abilities, likes and dislikes in order to identify a suitable job match.
The Employment Facilitator supports the person to apply for jobs, and contacts employers on their behalf. If the candidate is successful in gaining a position within your organisation the Facilitator will produce a detailed job analysis prior to the commencememt of employment. This will highlight any support needs and individually tailored on-the-job support can be provided.
Is there a time limit on this support?
Yes. Individual receive support for a period of 18 months. Once they have been placed in employment ongoing monitoring of the employee's performance is undertaken regularly. This will be agreed between the employer, employee and the Job Coach.
What will this service cost?
The employer will pay the employee the going rate for the job. There is no cost involved for the services of the Employment Facilitator
 Are there any financial incentives?
The Job Coach can provide you with information on the eligibility rules of these and how to apply.
What about terms and conditions?
As with all other staff members, the same terms and conditions apply to an employee receiving support from EmployAbility.
What are the implications of employing a person with a disability?
As we carry out comprehensive vocational profile and identify an appropriate job match, the job will be carried out by an enthusiastic employee who is committed to this kind of work. You do not incur any recruitment costs; you get the right person for the right job.
Will my insurance costs increase?
No.  You will find that your employers liability insurance will cover any person who is working for your business. The Employment Faciliator is available to advise and support you in relation to risk assessment, insurance and health and safety if required.
What happens if it's not working out?
Just like when you recruit anybody, if it's not working out you try and sort out the difficulties. Through EmployAbility you have the assistance of a Facilitator to support you as well as the new employee. Solutions can usually be found, but if it's not possible, the employment may come to an end as it would with any employee in accordance with your terms and conditions of employment. However this is a rare occurance as having the support of the Employability service means that troubleshooting is always the best way forward.
Won't there be extra costs?
No, not in the vast majority of the cases. Not all people with disabilities need adaptations or specialised equipment. In cases where they do, grants are available and the EmployAbility Service providers can advise on these if required.
How will my existing staff react?
People with disabilities want  to be treated the same as other employees. There is funding available through Department of Social Protection  for Disability Awareness Training in the workplace.A Job coach on site on site can also help to overcome misconceptions about working with people with disabilities.
 What about customer perception of my Business?
 Customers often appreciate that a business is making an effort to employ people with disabilities. Promoting social  inclusion and addressing the large scale unemployment experienced by people with disabilities is an important expression of responsibility(both corporate and community).

EmployAbility Services are funded by the Irish Government through the Department of Employment Affairs and Social Protection
Tá Seirbhísí Infhostaitheachta maoinithe ag Rialtas na hÉireann tríd an Roinn Gnóthaí Fostaíochta agus Coimirce Sóisialaí